- Patrick First Impressions IMG_8017.JPG

Upon opening the package containing my NS Denim Kurabo Raw Straight leg jeans I was pleased to see they even came with their own branded material bag. What a way to start my relationship off with these cheeky things. Not only does it allow me to pretentiously carry an awesome pair of jeans around (if I wanted to), but it doubles as a middle man between me and light-coloured couches, chairs etc. that people think I’m going to rub indigo dye all over. However this has not happened and I haven’t had one problem with dye. This was the first thing to surprise me. Most raw denim turns everything blue. NS have done well to keep the colour of the denim on the owner’s jeans alone.

The stiffness was exciting for me. It felt so new and fresh, with a year of wear-and-tear on the books. But when it came to buttoning them up, calluses were beginning to form at the end of it. This is not contesting the jeans though. Oh no. This made me so happy that these buttons wouldn’t be popping open while I was trying to chat a lovely lady up or make a public speech.

Attention to detail has put this patch of denim a cut above the rest. Fine stitching and no threading is what makes me feel like I can do whatever I want for a year and they’ll still be as strong as ever, like a carefully stitched up heart surgery wound.

There hasn’t been any wear and tear as of yet. The only thing I’ve noticed is the stiffness of the raw denim has begun to loosen. That was one thing I was worried about to be honest. All I could think about was wicked chaffing every day. Thankfully, that’s not the case and I’ve been more than comfortable in them.

All I can say is bring on the year to come and we’ll see what these jeans can really do! - Patrick First Impressions IMG_8024.JPG

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