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Q and A: Paige Adams Geller – Founder of Paige Denim

Q and A: Paige Adams Geller – Founder of Paige Denim
Q and A: Paige Adams Geller - Founder of Paige Denim Paige Headshot.jpg

Paige Denim is the “jeanius” of fit-model-turned-designer Paige Adams-Geller. Paige got her start as the fit model for ten of the world’s top denim lines and helped kick off the jeans craze. Becoming keenly aware of the need for the perfect fitting jean, she decided to create a denim line designed by a woman that focused specifically on the desires of a woman. As the first woman to break into the male-dominated denim world, she designs with her uniquely feminine perspective and fifteen years of “behind the seams” experience. Personally, I have to say that I was wearing my Paige skinnies on my 9 hour flight to Brazil last month, and when I arrived in Rio, the jeans were neither sagging at the butt, nor bagging at the knee, nor showing any kind of “stress” (in contrast to myself – hahahahah!). I have made this trip many times before, and usually my wrinkled jeans closely resemble my stressed out facial expression 😉 !!

Q: What essential jeans should every woman have in their wardrobe?

A: Every woman should have a dark skinny jean, a gray skinny, a white jean, a black jean that can be dressed up, a flare (sexy or casual), and a comfortable ankle jean in a worn-in vintage wash. And most importantly, every woman should have her favorite pair of jeans that makes her feel fantastic.

Q: What are the first pair of jeans you remember?

A: At age 5, my mom told me we were moving to Alaska from Southern California and that I had to buy a pair of jeans. I literally fell on the floor and threw a tantrum screaming that “I would never wear jeans and that they were ugly!” She made me get a pair anyway because I needed them in the cold weather.

Q: What have been your favorite pair of jeans that you have owned and why?
A: My favorite pair of jeans I have ever owned are my Lou Lou jeans. They are a sexy, skinny flare that make your legs look miles long. I always wear them when I need a pick me up.

Q: How many pairs of jeans do you currently own and which ones do you wear the most?

A: I can’t even begin to tell you how many pairs of jeans I own – it’s crazy! I have jeans in my closet stacked, folded and hung and in my office at work. I wear test jeans all the time and love to keep my older Paige jeans for my personal archives.

Q: Who is your current favorite denim icon (male & female). I am thinking the person who has the most denim style?

A:My favorite denim icons are Kate Moss (who is a big fan of our Verdugo jeggings and Silverlake shorts!) and David Beckham.

Q: Which person living or dead would you most like to see in a pair of your jeans?

A: I would love to see David Bowie, Clive Owen, Jane Birkin, and Alexa Chung.

Q: What are your biggest selling styles?

A: So far our biggest sellers for Paige have been the Bentley wide leg in a Mischief (a light blue, 70s inspired wash), the Lou Lou tulip jean in Scene (a sexy, dark indigo) and the Bell Canyon flare in Tigerlilly (in a vintage, worn-in blue wash).

: How do you ensure your jeans stand out in a crowded marketplace?

A: I make sure that we offer a variety of fashion forward styles each season in addition to our classic silhouettes. I also make sure that I have the best fitting jean – and best butt jean – that there is.

: What styles are going to be big next season?

A: Summer is great for shorts and flares as well as bold colors. Flares and bold colors will also be big for fall, like our Lou Lou tulip flare jean and the Verdugo legging in sexy new colors. This fall, we have new updates for skinnies and leggings with amazing fabrics such as super soft tencel, sateen, and corduroy.

Q: Which celebs are wearing your jeans?

: I am fortunate to say we have such great celebrities including Kate Moss, Rachel Bilson, and January Jones ,who are fans of Paige. And not to leave out the guys, we have Jeremy Renner, Taylor Lautner, and Matthew Morrison as fans as well.