This week our Question & Answer Interview with Joe Dahan, the Creative Director & Founder of Joe’s Jeans

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1. It’s a new decade and you are rebranding Joe’s Jeans. Would you please explain what you hope to achieve in this new era?
We want to deeply impact style and fashion.

2. Why did you decide to reinvent the Joe’s Jeans brand and/or image?
I wouldn’t say we are reinventing our brand or image. We’ve had success with multiple categories for a few years now, but they were separated into micro brands like The Shirt, The Pant, The Bag, etc. For fall, we are launching our first collection, which will present Joe’s as a complete lifestyle brand.
3. Joe’s Jeans is a very well-known denim brand worldwide. What is changing, if anything, from your prior branding to this new version?
For the first time, we are presenting a complete collection as a lifestyle brand to showcase how we interpret casual chic.
4. What are you focusing on for the Spring 2011 season? And for the Fall 2011 season?
For Spring 2011, we are focusing on casual, washed-down looks inspired by the ’70s. This fall is our 10-year anniversary and in the spirit of this celebration our collection will be more sophisticated and fashion forward.
5. What has been your inspiration for your current collection? And for the Joe’s Jeans brand as a whole? 
This season, we were inspired by the ’70s with an organic twist, and featured washed-down colors and super-soft fabrics–a very relaxed and comfortable look. As a brand, we are inspired by a casual, yet sophisticated, lifestyle.
6. Does Joe’s Jeans have a muse? 
Each season, an individual muse inspires each collection and piece. Our designers at Joe’s are the first source for inspiration. Each designer has a unique style, and we look to them to highlight the trends and looks to feature each season. We are also inspired by everyday people: someone we spot on the street, a friend, or maybe even a blogger with a unique sense of style.
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7. Are there any new styles that you are very excited about?
Women’s–For spring, we have a few styles we are excited about: The Skinny Micro Flare,The Chelsea in Rouge and Blueberry, and The Studded Short in Valerie.

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Men’s–The Classic Fit in Easton. This white selvedge denim, featuring our soft, worn-down Easton wash, is a favorite. Imported from Italy, white selvedge denim fabric is both soft and strong.

8. Which style, cut and/or wash has been the most successful overall for Joe’s Jeans?
For men, our most successful style would be the Brixton. This slim, straight leg fit gives guys a fashionable alternative to the traditional relaxed, loose fit or trendier skinny jean. It comes in a variety of washes including our latest, Costello.

For women, it’s definitely our Skinny Visionaire. It’s an elegant 9-inch high-rise that tapers at the ankle. It looks beautiful.


  1. i really want more of the chelsea’s in the 29 length. there aren’t many but they are great!

  2. i really want more of the chelsea's in the 29 length. there aren't many but they are great!

  3. The EASTON is the bomb! There is this background to it … unevenness … so natural … I love it!

  4. The EASTON is the bomb! There is this background to it … unevenness … so natural … I love it!

  5. The EASTON is the bomb! There is this background to it … unevenness … so natural … I love it!

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