Superfine F/W 2011 Collection JW87_140_120_nocurves.jpg

The launch of a new lookbook from Superfine is always a red letter day in my calendar. The amount of thought and attention to detail that goes into each collection really puts a lot of other brands to shame. This season designer Lucy Pinter found inspiration on the one hand from old images of Roma Gypsies and on the other from old punks like Vivienne Westwood and Adam Ant (who is himself descended from Gypsies). The resulting Gypsy Punk Collection features denim given a bondage twist courtesy of straps, buckles and d-rings (shown above and below). The collection also includes leather jackets, wool trousers, printed-fabric jeans, the “Filth” and the “Fury” pants and “Strife” leggings.

Superfine F/W 2011 Collection JW87_180_076_no curves.jpg

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