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I have been a very busy bee since my last review! My good friend Maddison (Mad Style), who also writes reviews for Denimology has inspired me to start up my blog again and even make a lookbook account. Here is the link to my lookbook, if you want to know more about my outfits, check it out!

I was really happy to receive this pair of Paige PPD Drexel in Tar jeans because it has been so long since I have worn black denim. I feel like a lot of people that I know over think wearing black jeans. They don’t know what to wear them with or they don’t want to look “gothic.” I guess I never really thought of either of these things because if you over think any article of clothing, not just black jeans, you will ruin it for yourself. I chose to keep my outfit simple with one of my favorite jackets of all time… my black Levi’s trucker jacket and a plaid shirt from Ben Sherman that I will have to retire for the year until it gets cold out again. Most of the time I am all about wearing colors but every once and a while I love wearing a mostly black outfit, especially when I go out at night. I got the chance to wear them to see one of my favorite bands play the other night and they were a perfect look to go with my outfit.

I find this particular pair of jeans really cool because they are not just black, they have detail to them. The PPD logo is present on the back left pocket, but very subtle, as it is black just like the rest of the denim. There is a slight sheen that appears randomly through out the jean adding some really cool texture. Small details like this get me excited because you can buy a pair of black jeans anywhere, but these have some character to them. They are 98% cotton and 2% stretch, this mix gives them a very strong feel. The leg openings are 14.5″ and it is made of 11.5 oz fabric with a 34″ inseam, I didn’t find it to be much of a problem though, they definitely work out great with a nice pair of combat boots.

Also, I know talking about how awesome the weather has been is over done, but seriously, it is getting so nice out! However good weather is not the only awesome thing that comes with Spring and Summer, it is now festival season and so many awesome bands are going on tour. All my money this season is going to clothes and concert tickets. Anyone have any festivals/shows they are really excited for?

The Drexel in Tar reviewed here are available on the Paige Premium Denim website for $235.

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