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When in doubt talk about the weather, isn’t that always true, but in my case it seems to be some kind of inexhaustible curse. Every time I stop by to say hello I have a new natural conundrum. This week we have rain and horrible wind. I’ve been wanting to chop of all my hair because I just can’t stand the way it tangles and pulls when it’s windy, April has been the worst month this year so far, I’ve been busy up to my ears and there is no time to shop (hence little joy overall) and so I am so excited to be able to write about all this great denim. It keeps me focused on what I love to do.

This is my first experience of Victoria’s Secret VS Denim, I know loads of people who buy from their catalog, but I have yet to try them out until now. I am so pleased with the way that these jeans fit that I can’t sing enough praises. The Pencil comes in many different washes (including white) and it seem that the darker the wash the stiffer the fabric seems to feel. They come in an extra length, apart from the 30 and 32 inseam, you can also get them in 34 (hallelujah) which is great to those of you (like myself) with longer than average legs.

The VS jeans all have in common the fact that the are all quite basic denim. From what I have seen thus far anyways, do not expect to see any gimmicks or gadgets like embroidered pockets or shiny hardware (though they do have some great cargo styles as well as zipper details on some of the styles). The are selling for $59.90 and at that price you really can’t go wrong. These are the perfect way to save a couple of bucks and not feel like your downgrading. A+ in my books.

Victoria’s Secret The VS Pencil Jeans reviewed here are available online from for $59.90

Ania Style - Victoria's Secret The VS Pencil Jeans IMG_1785.JPG

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  1. May I ask you what size are you wearing? I want to buy this jeans, but have some doubts about the size.

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