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Hey guys! Thanks for reading my first review here on Denimology! Let me start with a little introduction. I am Charlotte from The Netherlands, currently living in London. I am deeply in love with fashion, and to express this love I started my personal style/fashion blog around half a year ago, called THEFASHIONGUITAR. Have you heard of it before? (I hope so). Sharing my looks, style, and inspirations with my followers became a passion, and I hope I can keep doing it for a very long time.

Now, over to the real deal: My first denim review. And OMG how was I lucky to get to review these shorts from The Raw Denim Bar! This UK based online retailer sells denim (obviously), but what makes them special is that they sell those brands we couldn’t get in the UK before (like Work Custom Jeans, Kasil, Rich & Skinny and Charley 5.0).

The first sample I got to review was an amazing pair of Rich & Skinny Lover Short in Blush. What grabbed me straight away about these shorts was the color. We all know about the Isabel Marant soft pink shorts which have been hugely influential with style bloggers in the fashion blogosphere. Needless to say, this style of shorts is a big hit for Spring/Summer 2011. I myself hadn’t been able find a pair I liked yet, so I was stuck with my regular blue denim shorts till I found these.

I can say, without any doubt, they are the perfect color and perfect fit for me. The soft pink isn’t too girly, but more on the edgy side. The pockets on the back of the shorts are at a perfect height, which makes your butt look tiny, yet rich. The softness of the material is just gorgeous, probably because of the mix of cotton, polyester, and spandex. Even more important, because of the spandex, the shorts don’t lose their shape after wearing it. Big plus!

Little details, but definitely worth mentioning: no zippers, but buttons (so no worries the wearing the zipper half-way after sitting a day in a park), and at the bottom of the shorts there is this cute edgy ruffle detail. All these elements go together to makes these shorts very on-trend, but also one of a kind.

The Rich & Skinny Lover Short in Blush reviewed here are available online from TheRawDenimBar.

Charlotte Style - Rich & Skinny Lover Short in Blush aDSC_0027.JPG

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