Lisette Loves: Diesel Tintsie Tintsie-Full.jpg

The amazing thing about Diesel is that they have been around since forever! They always come up with new ideas, clever campaigns, fresh styles, washes and trends. Sometimes you may not like what they are coming out with, and sometimes you may just love it.

Anyway, one of the jeans in their new Spring/Summer 2011 collection is really worth mentioning: The Diesel Tintsie Jean. It is a stylish drop-crotch striped lightweight jean, different from the run of the mill jeans we see all the time. These jeans are a great new summer look and are going to be very popular.

Lisette Loves: Diesel Tintsie Tintsie-Side.jpg
Lisette Loves: Diesel Tintsie Tintsie-Back-2.jpg


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