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College is over for this year and our final show was amazing! All the hard work we’ve been putting into these projects really paid off and if anyone had a chance to stop by LCC I’m sure they would agree that everything looked beautiful. I think what really got me was the slew of new projects that seemed to all happen during my last week, I’ve never felt so desperate for more time in my life! With such a hectic schedule taking time to curl up and relax was what I most desired, and what better way to do that then in a soft sweater and boyfriend fit denim?

I’m not sure if these Goldsign jeans were originally intended to be worn in a boyfriend style but given that they were two sizes too big thats exactly how they fit me! In terms of the feel of the denim itself I loved these jeans. The fabric was incredibly soft and stretchy and I loved the warm grey tone and subtle fading used, although the whispering was a bit heavy for my taste. The pockets were simple and the detailing left to a minimum which I thought perfectly complimented their relaxed and casual style.

Although I was required to style them as a boyfriend trouser given their size I actually grew quite attached to the way they hung just slightly loose. The waistband had to sit quite low on my hips in order to fit, but this didn’t bother me when paired with a belt. They fell to my ankles which would have been perfect if they were a skinny jean but for this shoot I rolled them twice at the bottom in order to style them with a pair of high wedges. Obviously they were roomy in the leg but not loose enough to make me feel like I was drowning in them, which unfortunately I find quite frequently in boyfriend jeans.

I think these trousers are perfect for the day and any casual outings but could not see them transitioning well for night time events. I think styled with sandals and any cropped sweater or shirt is perfect for their relaxed fit and spring time feel and would be great for catching up with friends over lunch or doing a bit of shopping.

Goldsign itself is a well established brand known for their exceptional fit and high quality denim. Adriano Goldschmied (the founder of Goldsign denim & Adriano Golschmied) is one of most respected people in the denim business, and with celebrity clientele like Lindsay Lohan and Hillary Duff you can be sure that this is a brand worth remembering.

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