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Mad Style – J Brand Kiki Flares In Lotus

Mad Style – J Brand Kiki Flares In Lotus
Mad Style - J Brand Kiki Flares In Lotus IMG_0186.jpg

It’s been a while but I’m back! My summer has officially begun and suddenly I’m busier than ever. All that rest and relaxation I imagined has been completely thrown out the window, replaced by meetings, interviews and trips. All of it is good so I can’t complain, but unfortunately my hectic schedule has left me with barely any down time, which is precisely what I was most looking forward too. The spare time I do have however is spent catching up with old friends and running errands, all of which requires some very comfortable clothing and this pair of J Brand Kiki jeans in Lotus is a perfect fit for that category.

These jeans are lightweight and stretchy, allowing me to literally run from home to the store to a restaurant and back home again without a second thought. Although they would seem comparable to jeggings in this sense, they’re actually quite a lot sturdier than their counterpart, and in my opinion more timeless and formal as well. They remain casual in their light wash, distressing and whiskering but dress up even the simplest outfit through their high-waisted cut, slim but not skin tight fit and their long legs (these jeans have a 35″ inseam, perfect for your favourite heels!). This aspect of these jeans may be my favourite -all too often I’m left scrounging for a low heel to pair with flares, but thankfully these are just right.

With all the great attributes out of the way, it’s time to mention the negative. I personally don’t like too much fading and whiskering and this pair of denim definitely has its fair share of both. It gives them a “vintage” feel but in my opinion a classic pair of jeans should be left just that, classic and simple. Aside from the wash however I have no complaints, and luckily these jeans come in a solid dark wash as well, so there is something for everyone – including me!

J Brand has always been a favourite brand of mine and there are plenty of celebrities who agree. Keri Hilson and Ashley Tisdale were both spotted in the dark wash version of these Kiki flares I mentioned, and Hayden Panettiere rocked this same lighter wash I’m wearing in a recent editorial for Nylon.

The J Brand Kiki flares reviewed here are are available from the Denimology Store for $185.

Mad Style - J Brand Kiki Flares In Lotus IMG_0188.jpg

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