5th Requisite Preview Spring/Summer 2011 fifthrequisite-FW11-composite-01.jpg

When I first wrote about 5th Requisite, the Bangkok-based denim company, I mentioned that they mainly produce raw selvedge denim and that they were one of the very few brands that also do selvedge for women as well as for men. It seems to me that this tendency is becoming stronger this coming season. The trend is toward darker and untreated denim, less destructed and destroyed — too bad for me who loves-loves-loves ripped and torn jeans 🙁 But then again, when I see jeans like these from 5th Requisite, I feel that I could absolutely learn to love untreated raw selvedge for women. I got a pair of these and they are just perfect in fit and style. This brand is selling only online – for now, but they are looking for a distributor here in the US….! Price range is $159 – $209.

5th Requisite Preview Spring/Summer 2011 fifthrequisite-FW11-composite-02.jpg
5th Requisite Preview Spring/Summer 2011 fifthrequisite-FW11-composite-03.jpg