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First of all: I just don’t understand. Can anyone tell me why all these jeans have to be so damn short?! I know that there are loads of long jeans, I have seen them I swear I wasn’t hallucinating in my desperate search. So to all the denim brands out there, I hope you realize that it’s much easier to hem a pair than it is to make them longer (ie. virtually impossible). Wouldn’t it just make sense to offer them in at least different lengths?

Anyways back to my review, this week I am checking out a pair of N.0 The Faye skinny jeans from the Hudson By Georgia May Jagger Collction. With a name (and looks) like GMJs it is hard to really walk past these jeans without at least a second glance. The whole collection is very 90’s and I’m into it. The lace could have gone so wrong (here I flashback to the times in high school rocking a lace-up pair of suede bell bottoms – yikes).

The denim is very soft and its feels fantastic. There are no belt loops (hence I can not possibly wreck them… phew!), the denim is slightly on the thicker side and the amount of stretch is just right. Looking at the colour of the jeans, I suspect that the black will fade fast, which just adds to the appeal for me. The bottom of the leg on these Hudson’s flares out a little (because of the lacing), which if you are picky (like me) will not be your favourite thing here. Also the length could be a problem, if your legs are anything like mine.

And for any style bloggers thinking of getting them, they are tricky to photograph because the black makes it really hard for the exposure to work. Overall though I would say GMJ has made a good job of her first collection.

The Hudson By Georgia May Jagger jeans reviewed here are available online from

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