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It’s officially shorts season! Right? I mean it’s June for crying out loud. And i will forever complain about this weather. We haven’t had a day that was warmer than 20 degrees, yet my mum calls me from Poland every day telling me what a heat wave they are having. Heck, you don’t even have to leave the country, Toronto is having great weather also, even though you will hear THEM complaining (pfff!). I’m just tired of covering my ghost white legs and want them to breathe that’s all. The first pair I noticed were the runaway dreamz, but those were sold out (just my luck). I received these Rockstar denim shorts in the mail instead, very cool, I thought. The american flag detail will never tire me. Put it on anything, add some studs and we are good to go (I just got an american wildfox top from singer22 which I can not wait to wear).

First of all I want to clarify that I am soooo not a fan of high heels with shorts, so after this review you will rarely see me in a pair of heels with tight denim shorts (baggy denim shorts that’s a different story). These rockstars are just that, they are AMAZING! Love Love Love the fit, the details, the exposed pockets the uneven cut, the fray on the leg and the industrial zippers. They fit small. I had to go up to 27 here. Remember one thing about shorts is that they do not hide as much as full length jeans. The muffin top is easily concealable, but the undesirable leg bulge, not to much, so let’s all do each other a solid here, relax with the size obsession and just go for what fits us best.

My ideal styling for these would have been a longer viscose top, leather jacket and cowboy boots. Fully American, except maybe I don’t have a motorbike. I have nothing bad to say about these shorts, and I always try to stay objective to the truth. I wish everyone a pair of these.

The Rockstar Denim Shorts in Light Denim reviewed here are available from

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