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Hey everyone, I am back again with another denim review. You remember me, but for the ones who are new to Denimology, I am Charlotte from fashion blog THEFASHIONGUITAR, and I love to wear jeans!

Hold on tight for this denim revolution: “A new light in the denim universe: Jogg-Jeans by Diesel”. Last week I received a package from Diesel with their new baggy Jogg-Jeans. Created in their secret laboratory, this is the latest denim complimenting the wide Diesel range of 5-pocket collection.

The fabric is woven and knitted, and has the look of a jersey weaving, but as well as real denim. Wearing the Jogg-jeans you will feel it’s light, soft, and amazingly comfortable. The design is clearly baggy, which might not have been my first choice. However, when styling it a bit edgy casual, I started loving it. I will probably wear this Jogg-jeans a lot, given it’s fit and the fabric. Another great detail is the waistband drawing, which gives you the choice of wearing it low, or higher up to your waist. Just as you like it.

The Diesel Jogg-jeans are available in two different styles for both men and women at Selfridges in London exclusively from July 1st and then at Diesel stores worldwide from the first week in August.

Charlotte Style - Diesel Jogg-Jeans DSC_0171.JPG

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  1. While Charlotte is adorable, I dislike these jeans because these jeans pockets are simply too low. I would love this look if the pockets were higher on the backside.

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