Gisele Bundchen in Marc Allison Jeans gisele-bundchen-ucla-hospital-01.jpg

Woooo! I love Marc Allison Jeans and I adore the couple behind the brand too! I am so happy to show you guys pictures of Gisele Bundchen stepping out in LA on Thursday wearing the brand. Carrying her self customized Sigg water bottle, Gisele wears Marc Allison Jeans Shirl Classic Bell Jeans! The awesome part is that they did not gift Gisele and she bought them all on her own. Congrats guys!

I personally own these jeans and they are so comfortable. They make my posterior sit nice and high so I feel super sexy in the Shirl cut. I never feel consumed by them because they hold perfect shape. I have problems with most jeans falling down but MAJ do nothing of the sort. I hope to see them for sale at ShopBop, SINGER22 and Net-A-Porter soon!

Gisele Bundchen in Marc Allison Jeans 200888_10150148608328158_191980468157_6596278_3510212_o.jpg

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