Raven Fall/Winter 2011 Men's Lookbook  Raven-F11-Men-17.jpg

I was invited to see Raven’s Fall 2011 collection at their showroom here in New York City. What I saw in the men’s collection was really unique and eye-catching. Raven has mastered the art of the fine line between baggy-as-sloppy and baggy-as-stylish. Their Fall 2011 men’s collection is showing even baggier jeans that still look less slouchy and more fashionable. In fact, Raven has somehow made them look neat and well-fitting. I like that style for men, wearing looser cut jeans without looking like a frumpy teenager. Know what I mean?!? These jeans were clearly created for the young successful guy who wants to look well dressed even when he wants the style and comfort of wearing jeans.

Raven Fall/Winter 2011 Men's Lookbook  Raven-F11-Men-12.jpg

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