Raven F/W 2011 Women's Lookbook Raven-F11-51.jpg

Raven, who is known for its – should I say tailor-made trouser jeans, or is it tailored trouser jeans?!? – is showing a huge collection of beautifully developed and styled jeans. Very present, of course, is their trouser jean, which for this fall, 2011, comes in a slim silhouette. Or you can choose a flare leg, high waisted cut jean if you are like maybe 6 feet tall!!!!. I have come to appreciate their textured jeans (see below), which always provide a perfect way out if you have to dress up more formally and don’t feel like resorting to the classical basic black pants.

Raven F/W 2011 Women's Lookbook Raven-F11-20.jpg
Raven F/W 2011 Women's Lookbook Raven-F11-05.jpg

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