Resin And Made Her Think Collaboration  Raven-MHT11-IMG_0788 retouched straight BW.jpg

I was invited to the launch of the Resin/Made Her Think collaboration at the WGACA store in Soho, and there was Chantel Valentene, Resin’s creator and designer, wearing those ever so cool shorts (shown below), so I asked her to send me some images of them and here they are. (I’m so excited that I’m actually writing a run-on sentence!) The shorts are resin treated dark denim with gold detail stitched on their sides. The same goes for the denim vest, which has the gold detail on the back. Collaborations (such as Levis/Open Ceremony, or William Rast for Target) seem to be the thing to do nowadays, which makes me think … (no pun intended!), what is really behind all those collaborations??? Are we going to see a shake-out in the denim business? Are mergers in our future? It sure makes for some interesting speculation. Will there be “Citizens of the Cult of Individuality?” Or “Mother Nudie? Or, J Z Brand? Oh, the possibilities are endless…..!!!!

Resin And Made Her Think Collaboration  Raven-MHT11-IMG_0097.jpg

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