Siwy Denim Fall 2011 Lookbook: Crazy On You Siwy Denim Fall 2011 Lookbook-1.jpg

Ripped, bleached and shredded Siwy denim is on hiatus for the coming Fall 2011 season. Michelle Siwy must have been inspired by the warm city nights and nightlife because this lookbook screams single, sexy, strong minus the usual pronounced beach babe element. The line feels European…. Parisian influence maybe…. utterly classy. This is the kind of growth that is pleasing to see in a young designer.

Siwy is trying something a little new with pockets this season. Some pockets are being cut in a traditional shape, devoid that trademark embroidered heart pockets. The Siwy team also crafted new hang tags which look a lot more like jewelry than something you tear off you jeans and throw away. And I would think that’s the very idea behind them too!

Siwy Denim Fall 2011 Lookbook: Crazy On You 248159_10150638355620553_526060552_18811051_4103135_n.jpg

And if you were wondering what they will do will all those embroidered pockets they are not using quite so many of…. look no further. Tiny pocket purses.

Siwy Denim Fall 2011 Lookbook: Crazy On You 216554_1827136972059_1649367008_1811563_6247572_n.jpg

My favorite pair of jeans in the lookbook have straight seams stitched in the front; a small touch that goes a long way. All in all, looks like Michelle Siwy is about to have another successful denim season thanks to the sometimes small but always well thought details (and obviously a perfect fit) that make her denim line special.

Model is Anna Speckhart; Makeup by Tracy Alfajora; Hair by Jordan M; Manicure by Lisa Logan; Styled by Michelle Siwy, Videographer: Edward Burke and Photographers: Daemian Smith + Christine Suarez

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