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Raven Denim has always been a brand that I have believed in thoroughly. It’s a timeless label that doesn’t find it necessary to jump on the band wagon and follow trends that may fizzle out faster than they are popular. They are very true to who they are and confident on the quality that they put out in the industry. I decided to head downtown to catch up with Ya-el Torbati who has been the designer since 2009 and see what she’s been up too for the current season and what her vision is for the upcoming seasons.

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Ya-el at Raven after its’ lofty move from NYC to the premium denim grounds here in Los Angeles. So we’re catching up on where she’s taking this solid brand.

Q: What do you think the next overall trend will be in the denim industry?

A: I think higher rises are going to continue gaining in popularity. Obviously it’s already out there, but I think it’s finally being embraced more by the general population and they are wanting that extra coverage in the front and realize that it’s super sexy. This season we did incredibly well with the Orly which is a high waisted wide leg jean. I plan on expanding the line with higher rises in a variety of looks.

Q: For Spring ’12 do you see colorful denim being worn by the masses? Intense washes? Or do you think it will be more scaled back and clean and simple?

A: We’ve been doing great with color denim this season, our most popular color being the Remy in Aztec. I didn’t take the ‘brights’ approach and it’s proven to resonate well with our customer that prefers colors that are softer and easily wearable. I think color denim is going to continue for sure. It’s a great alternative to blue jeans but you still get the sexy fit! Picking the right colors is key and for us its about finding colors that are different but have longevity so they won’t look like a dated trend for just one season’s wear. As far as washes, that really depends on the brand. I think its important to have a good variety. I’m not as much into following the trend as I am into doing whats right for the brand. So even if the market swings to crazy washes and tons of embellishment, you will still find cleaner looks and authentic vintage washes from Raven.

Q: What types of silhouettes are you designing? Bell bottoms, skinny jeans, straight legs, etc.

A: All of the above and more! We also have carrot fits, slouchy skinnys, wide legs, and shorts are becoming a bigger part of the picture than ever before for spring. I think us ladies get bored with wearing the same silhouette over and over and we like to rotate on the fit based on how we feel that day. You know, sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t!

Q: What do you think Raven’s key piece may be for the next season, as well as what is your favorite body/wash that is available right now?

A: My favorite body/wash that’s out now?! Oh boy, how do I pick? Lately I’ve been feeling very ‘slouchy skinny’ so I’ve been wearing Poppy in Olive (carrot fit) & Willow in Dusk (a slouchy skinny with boyish details like lower back pockets and removable suspenders). Although, I have a feeling I will be living in the Gilda chambray shorts very soon! For next season (fall2011) I think some key pieces will be Mackenzie in Shade, Mackie in Darkstar, Everly in Beetle, Enid in Ashbury, Libby in Nightfall, & Remy in Bordeaux Corduroy.

It was great catching up with Ya-el and I have to say when it comes to premium denim, quality, and fits Raven has it nailed down. Their styles, washes, and trims offer so many different options. The Mackenzie has been the staple fit since the Raven brand was born, I myself own one too many pairs. Just goes to show though, Raven is a lasting brand and for good reason. Go check them out!.

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