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Hi everyone! I’m Bethany and this is my first denim review! Let me start with a bit of information about me! I’m a teen mom, a fashion blogger, freelance photographer, singer/songwriter, actress, model, and whatever else I want to be. I was born in Nashville, Tennessee, but I’m currently living in Los Angeles, California. I run the blog SnakesNest, and its first birthday is coming up soon! Basically my blog is a photo diary of my life and the little day-to-day adventures I go on! Check it out if you want!

So now I’ll tell you about these awesome shorts I got from Black Orchid! Summer is here so thank goodness I got to review a pair of Black Star cut-off shorts in clear ice. Black Orchid denim has been seen on countless celebrities including Dakota Fanning and Jessica Alba. I hadn’t heard of them before I got these samples, but I definitely fell in love with the brand once I tried them on!

These shorts fit me really well. I loved everything about them, the wash, fit, and length. One thing I look for in shorts is that the waistband isn’t too tight so I can comfortably wear cropped tops with them and not have an annoying muffin top. These shorts fit perfectly on my hips, not too tight, not too loose. I also really loved that they weren’t too low-rise, it was a breath of fresh air when I put these on and they didn’t show my bum! Because of their length, you could wear these anywhere and still look classy. You could wear these from day into night. Well, at least in California weather you could!

The fabric was also incredibly soft and stretchy being made of 93% cotton, 5% polyester, and 2% spandex. Another thing I really loved about the shorts were the stud details on the back pocket! This was the perfect touch in my opinion. Of course, I am crazy anything with studs.

I paired these shorts with a cropped sweater, lace up military booties, and topped it off with a hat on to finish the look. I wanted to play off of the edgy studs on the back, but not get too crazy. Don’t want to scare you children away.

Til next time!

The Black Orchid Black Star Cut-off shorts reviewed here are available from BlueHeavenBoutique.

Beth Style - Black Orchid Black Star Cut-off shorts IMG_5464e.jpg

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  1. Great review, but was wondering if you got your normal size, or had to size up/down?

  2. Great review, but was wondering if you got your normal size, or had to size up/down?

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