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Hey guys! Welcome back to my denim review! As you might know, I am Charlotte from THEFASHIONGUITAR, and I am reviewing denim from The Raw Denim Bar for Denimology. I love doing it and I can’t wait to share this new amazing denim I’ve tried: The white mid-rise Angel skinny ankle jeans from DL1961!

First of all, it’s an ankle skinny. I have never had one, and I wasn’t sure whether this would suit me. Not because I don’t like ankle length, but because I haven’t got very long legs (which I thought was kind of essential wearing this kind of design). Anyway, not at all to worry when you don’t have long legs, ankle skinnies are also for you. Just wear it with heels, and your legs will look long and gorgeous. Plus, it’s super hot this season to wear it with wedges and a cropped tee, so don’t miss out on this trend.

Another thing I wasn’t sure about, which was resolved as soon as I put on the jeans, was the color. I have had white jeans when I was younger, but I thought it might be less flattering these days, as you see literally everything in white jeans. Well, see for yourself, it isn’t that bad actually. It’s in fact very refreshing to wear white jeans, and perfect when you want to wear it as a part of a maritime-look; Another summer trend.

Inside the jeans it says ‘4 way stretch | 360C comfort. Nothing about this is a lie. The material is soft and stretchy, which makes is indeed very comfortable to wear. Be aware where you sit, as it’s obviously dirty very quickly, but for the rest it’s a great summer jeans!

The DL1961 Angel in White are available from TheRawDenimBar.

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