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Dajana Style – Sass & Bide The Revolution

Dajana Style – Sass & Bide The Revolution
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Currently sitting down with the heater cranking, sipping on a hot tea and writing this review for you guys. It has been raining non-stop so trying to take decent photos has been almost impossible. I did finally manage to take a few this morning when the sun decided to come out and play for a little bit.

I will be reviewing my second pair of Sass and Bide jeans – The Revolution (Mulberry). When I saw these on the model on the mycatwalk website I thought they looked amazing and I couldn’t wait to try them on and do a review. Once I did try them on though I was a bit disappointed with the fit. I like my jeans to be super tight – second skin style and that’s exactly what these are supposed to be but I didn’t find that they fit me like that at all. If I went a size lower though I wouldn’t be able to do them up so I guess this is how they are meant to fit me.

Once I had them on and I was wearing them for a while I found that they tend to stretch out, scrunch up slightly and lose their shape a bit. They are comfortable because of the stretch but I don’t need my jeans stretching that much that it looks like I have the wrong size on by the end of the day.

I really do like the colour though and they also come in khaki. They are a cropped style and I actually ended up folding the bottom a tiny bit more because I thought it looked slightly better that way. I paired them with a simple shirt and some chunky ankle boots.

Overall I wouldn’t buy them personally if I tried them on in a store just because I like my jeans to fit really well and be snug and stay that way the whole day but then again maybe if I was the two meter tall model on the website I would love them?

Until next time….

The Sass & Bide The Revolution (Mulberry) jeans reviewed here is available from MyCatwalk.

Dajana Style - Sass & Bide The Revolution DSC_0109.jpg

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