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Attention denim lovers! Adriano Goldschmied (founder of AG & Diesel) now has a superhot denim line called Goldsign. Based on the pair I was lucky enough to get to review, I can tell you this denim line is phenom!

Adriano Goldschmied is redefining the denim world. His unique hand-washing techniques give this denim line a worn-in vintage feel, and the hand-stitched seams make each pair of denim a unique creation. With Adriano’s creation of Goldsign, he has unleashed the world’s first superfine denim line; woven with pima cotton – – giving this denim line high marks in the quality department.

I was really excited to try this denim brand, and my excitement heightened when I opened the box to find an extreme flare. Upon first glance, these Goldsign ‘Guitar’ Super Flare Leg Stretch Jeans in ‘Novel’ hold true to their name with the exaggerated flared legs. If you’ve been following my denimology reviews, then you already know that extreme flares and bell-bottom jeans are my faves when it comes to denim, but even these flares had be slightly intimidated (they definitely ARE ‘super flare’). Nonetheless, I was excited to rock them the best way I knew how… and they definitely deserve to be ‘rocked out,’ I mean, they ARE the “Guitar Super Flare” after all (they’re fully equipped with a shiny guitar pick strung through the belt loop too! How cool is that?!).

The feel of these jeans is super soft and they are made from 98% cotton and 2% elastane, giving them perfect stretch. Stretch is huge for any type of denim, but especially huge when you are looking at a pair of jeans with a higher rise. It allows for a more comfortable fit around the waist, even after you indulge in a big meal! 😉 Also, the stretch ensures a nice lean fit – elongating the legs. No one wants a tight-fitted jean, resulting in “the stuffed sausage effect.”

Inside this pair of jeans is a tag that says, “Nobody inspected this garment it’s becoming beautiful by itself.” I’m sure anyone can take away their own interpretation of this message, but in my opinion the message is empowering to women. To me, the message is telling any woman who wears this unique pair of jeans that the jeans do not conform to a standard, because they reach their full potential when worn and styled by the woman that wears them. Another way to look at this message? The denim doesn’t need to be inspected for imperfections or flaws, the more wear and love the pair of jeans receives, the more beautiful they become. Ha… just some personal thoughts and sappy-ness for ya! 😉

Another feature that makes these jeans appealing is the simplicity of them. No crazy colorful stitching, no distressed features, no over-the-top fading, just high quality denim that looks and feels great! The only recognizable feature is the name “Goldsign” stitched in gold thread on the back-right pocket, not too large but large enough to let others know what lovely brand of denim you’re strutting your stuff in.

It’s easy to see why celebs such as Hilary Duff and Irina Shayk wear the brand. Goldsign’s fit is ah-mazing! These jeans are extremely comfortable. They elongate my legs and even lift my tush! They gave me a lean look, yet I still felt they accentuated my curves in all the right places. If you are currently looking to try out a new denim line, and you’re a fan of Adriano Goldschmied, then I urge you to give Goldsign a shot. I doubt you will be disappointed.

The Goldsign ‘Guitar’ Super Flare Leg Stretch Jeans in ‘Novel’ reviewed here are available from Nordstrom.

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  1. If you're gonna do skinny, do SUPER SKINNY! If you're gonna do flare, do SUPER FLARE! Awesome as always, Jen.

  2. Wearing gold sign guitar look so fabulous most especially this
    will fit you perfectly. The denim has own unique style of design and gives you better
    look.  I’m very excited to have this kind
    denim and to see if this is also look nice to me.

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