Kate Middleton in Goldsign Jeans katemid_1.jpg

I know this news is a little old, but it took us a while to verify it. You see unlike other sites we don’t just take the word of brands when they tell us a celeb is wearing their jeans, we always like to be able to independently verify it ourselves. So when we received a mail from Goldsign telling us that the bootcut jeans Kate Middleton wore to the Calgary Stampede last week were their Passion in Habit we went to work to find some back-up to their claim. The photos themselves don’t help because Goldsign goes for subtle branding and so there are no distinctive labels or back-pockets to look out for. After a little digging around we discovered that Kate Middleton actually bought these jeans a couple of week ago from Trilogy Stores in Chelsea, where apparently she has been a regular customer for the last few years. Imagine that, the future Queen of England still goes out shopping for her own jeans, I would have imagined she had a butler for stuff like that!

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