Lisette Loves: G-Star's RAW Essentials Hank Kick Jeans GSTAR-Lookbook wmn 01.jpg

When I saw these jeans at G-Star’s Fashion show here in NYC in April, it was LUST at first sight. When I finally, received them after months and months of frustrated waiting, they were even better than I had remembered. I call them the DETAILS-Jeans. When you look at these pictures, you’ll see exactly what I am talking about. All over, G-Star spared no creativity. There are details, like patches made of G-Star vintage denim, dark patches that were created by taping the spot while stonewashing the jeans. And there are dark stitch details on the legs, a leather patch with a zipper for the coin pocket, and even inside the jeans button fly there is a trademark stamp with the serial number.

But that’s not all — those jeans are FUN, FUN, FUN to wear, I have worn them with a simple tee and flats and the suspenders, and then with a black silk button down, a wide red patent leather belt and stiletto boots. I could go on forever! Once more I am convinced: G-Star has yet to come out with a pair of jeans that is in any way boring or ordinary! Ya gotta love ’em!

Lisette Loves: G-Star's RAW Essentials Hank Kick Jeans GSTAR-60482_3455_2132_B copy.jpg


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