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Nobody have yet to send me a pair of jeans I don’t fall in love with. The skinny pipe fit jean is a new found favourite now hanging proudly in my wardrobe. The Australian brand is famous for vintage fits and washes and using experimental processes to create some of the most unique looks on the market. In fact when I threw up photos of the jeans on my blog ( I had so many emails asking for details about the pair.

The Pipe fit is definitely a unique pair in my wardrobe, a slim tapered fit with a narrow leg opening around 7.5″. I usually don’t go for extremely skinny jeans but a more slim straight cut, however, Nobody’s pipe jean comprises of 98% cotton and 2% elastane giving you the stretch you need to move around comfortably in the fairly rigid pair. They’re also true to their size and remain so even after extensive wear. It seems that the elastic content in the material allows the jeans to stretch but also retain the original fit which is a great plus. For a 32″ waist, the rise is mid rise of around 9″ with a skinny thigh.

Let me tell you about the wash however. It’s raw indigo with an applied layer of black dye over the top. This means when you eventually wear them in you’ll have an incredibly unique fade of black to blue to…we’ll depending on what your lifestyle is, a faded colouring.

I’ve already been stopped twice in the street and asked at work where on earth I got these jeans from as there’s really nothing like them I’ve seen before. The little details like the flat copper rivets, and subliminal embossed rear pocket so that over time the detail will wear through to bring out the logo. So don’t just take it from me, take it from those who’ve also seen what makes these jeans something really special, even Joe Jonas never seems to be out of the same pair.

The Nobody Pipe Black Raw Jeans reviewed here are available online from Kitson

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