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Hiya everyone! I can almost hear you think “Hey?! Who is this new face huh?”, so let me introduce myself to you first 😉 My name is Nadja and I am very proud to announce that I’m the newest review birdie of the Denimology team. I am living in the dynamic and vibrant Amsterdam now, but from deep within I’m still a southern girl as I grew up next to the German and Belgium border. I am in the middle of switching careers, which gives me lots of spare time to occupy myself with my true addictions in life next to fashion, lifestyle and traveling: writing & photography. The output of it all can be found on my blog, which gives you a little insight into my life and my adventures. I hope you already know and like my blog, and if you don’t know it yet, I hope you can appreciate what you see ☺

Now, enough about me and let’s move on to my newest adventure: My first review! Now let me tell you: I was beyond excited to receive the first item from Not only because LuisaViaRoma has the best high end items from a zillion brands you wish you had hanging in your closet, but most of all because it was an item from a brand that creates pieces that gives the kick ass feminine, sexy and edgy touch that I love next to my girly style. I am talking about Dsquared², a Canadian brand founded by Dean and Dan Caten.

This baggy Cool Girl Slim Denim Jeans is the perfect item for when I want to toughen up my style after days of cute outfits with skinny jeans or tight skirts. I now own two pairs of baggy trousers and adore them to the fullest! Why I like this Dsquared² pair more than my own and why I am thinking of purchasing it? Because I am still a skinny-fit fan and the lower leg part compliments that feature next to the sassy baggy look. The upper area is not too wide, comfortably loose, yet doesn’t create forever pull-up-pants moments and it even shapes the bum more than regular baggy jeans. Speaking of comfort: It fits true size and wearing these loose type of jeans means no stress about whether the pair stretches out in the bum and waist area or not. Double thumbs up babes!

Another key checkpoint when it comes to purchasing denim: the washing. And this honey happens to have the nice mid darkish wash that I prefer, with a tad lightened up tones here and there. What makes the denim a little raw are the gentle distressed spots and the roughed up pocket and leg end edges. Fierce! Also the label on the back and the little one on the front zipper cannot be missed. Although I am not a big fan of obvious brand labels, I can absolutely appreciate these two. And yes, apparently I could not entirely let go of the girly inner me, not even for a day. Next to my basic black H&M tee and brand new orange knit cardi from River Island, I dressed up this look with my camel bow heels from Bershka which I also wore here with my first pair of baggy denim trousers. Classy feminine baggy, exactly what I wanted to achieve for this review.

Alrighty, I hope you enjoyed my first denim review and would like to see more of me ☺ This awesome Dsquared² Cool Girl Slim Denim Jeans is available from and the price tag of $390.00 is more than worth it. You see, when you dive into the denim and especially the Dsquared² style history, it is noticeable that this shape is something never-ending and timeless. Forever comfortably perfect, that is how I would predict, memorize and compliment this denim baby.

Nadja Style - Dsquared² Cool Girl Slim Jeans _MG_1929.jpg

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