Alpha Pants - The Newest Non-Jeans Jeans ALPHA0467b_copy.jpg

Personally, I have always hated the way Dockers looked on guys. I even dubbed them duck-pants! But then I came across this new version, called the Alpha, and I am about to change my mind – why? Ok, first and foremost, there is the great fit. It is a slim, sexy looking fit, nothing like the Dockers you are accustomed to seeing. Those pants seem to have taken the best attributes of denim: the slim fit, the lower rise, that great “aging” quality of how jeans break in over time, and how denim molds to the body with wear and married them with the best a chino pant has to offer. The result is a pant that fits (and wears like a jean) but has the more spiffed-up, dressy details of a chino. Oh, and, the pants even have a coin pocket, just like regular 5-pocket jeans!

So it basically feels like you’re wearing a jean, but the effect is a little more put together and polished. Of course, this genius idea stems from Levi’s – who owns the Dockers brand. I say these Dockers are the best option if you want to wear a pair of jeans that are “non-jeans”!

 Alpha Pants - The Newest Non-Jeans Jeans ALPHA1132b_copy.jpg
 Alpha Pants - The Newest Non-Jeans Jeans ALPHA1673b_copy.jpg

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