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Ania Style – Genetic Denim Pink Denim Shorts

Ania Style – Genetic Denim Pink Denim Shorts
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It has been a crazy busy summer on my end, which is not something I thought I would resent, but the lack of time of being outside enjoying the only few months of summer that we have is taking it’s toll on me. Definitely not enough vitamin D, which in turn is causing me to have a mini quarter life crisis. I might have said this before a couple of months ago, but I think this is the half way point in the year and I am feeling it more and more. Not to bore you with the details of this existential conundrum of mine. I have also been away from here for quite some time. But I am back now and possibly with some last shorts. It’s August right, but Fall/Winter collections are already rolling in. I just picked up a pair of boots for the winter. Those of you in warm climates, now is your time to bask in glory – you can actually wear this pair of Genetic Denim Huck denim shorts all year long (*sigh*).

Hot! Right? The Pink on this Genetic short is amazing! When you think of a summer short these literally pop into your head. The contrast with any neutral colour is outstanding, that’s why it would perfectly go with anything in your closet, because who doesn’t own a black or white t-shirt (a black AND white t-shirt). Lately the cut off design seems to have become popular and these have that, the only thing I would second guess myself on is the fit. Unless you have a shapely butt (excuse my french) there will be hard to fill out, I myself had a few problems making sure you get a fully objective view. This might have something to do with the awkward length. For a vintage cut off look I almost want to say they are too long (and here I will try to excuse myself for the horrendous amount of mosquito bites on my legs, a summer tradeoff in this neck of the woods), but they could almost also be a little longer, though, with that much pink I think the shorter way is the way to go. The color here is definitely the strongest selling point and if you are looking to make a real statement then these shorts could be for you.

The Genetic Denim Huck denim shorts reviewed here are available online from Singer22.com.

Ania Style - Genetic Denim Pink Denim Shorts IMG_0872.JPG

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