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I have been absolutely obsessed with those super bright red jeans all spring, they were sold out everywhere of course and I didn’t have a chance to test drive them, shame. The great team at Denimology, however, remembered my little fixation and sent me these these Ksubi ones instead, all the way from Australia. As far as jeans go the fit and feel of these is pretty great, the denim is soft and stretchy, these are like a second skin, and not in the sense that they are so tight that you can not breathe that you actually feel like they will replace your skin, they are just that comfortable. And check out the length! Tall girls rejoice! The fit is bigger, so go for a size smaller than normal. I am wearing a 26 and the legs could have easily used a 25. Don’t you love when that happens. You’d almost think they did that on purpose 😉

Ksubi can not possibly be reviewed without mentioning the brand itself. That said I am pretty sure that Ksubi caters to the ‘alternative’ crowd so to speak, this I am not judging only by their logo (which is placed right over the knee cap of the jeans and which resembles some kind of an asian character) but also by all that i have read about the brand. More specifically this little tidbit I read on Wikipedia: “The label hit headlines around the world in 2001 when they unleashed 200 live rats onto the catwalk, and is now known for its rebellious and attention-grabbing antics, such as warehouse installations, late-night sex parties, boat fashion shows (where they pushed all of the models fully naked into the water), and, more recently, 2006’s futuristic parade and post-apocalyptic inspired collection at Australian Fashion Week”. Hey, I am sure as hell not complaining, it’s great to see a brand reaching out and doing unexpected things. I myself remember being head over heels with their side zipper jeans back a couple of years ago when the name was still Tsubi (Ksubi and Tsubi by the way is the same brand, which I wasn’t aware of at the time, that made for a confusing period in my life), the Ksubi website offers a lot of viewing potential, all of their projects and collaborations, current collections as well as the link to their Sex & Fashion website can be found here (which I have to say is an inspiration all on it’s own). What more can be said for a brand who travels to the Burning Man festival with a giant statue of a peace-sign making hand with two severed fingers gushing blood? Sign me up for their super spray on, gratified pair.

The Ksubi Kolors jeans reviewed here are available all over the place. For a list of online stockists please check

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