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My last Siwy review was not the most favourable, i saw some of you even disagreed, which is totally fair as everyone has different tastes. These denim reviews are a perfect forum for discussion and a great idea on Denimology’s part to open up that discussion between the brands and the end user. I would love to hear as many of your own opinions as possible. I actually go check for comments under my posts to see if there is anything else I should be talking about. With different tastes comes different expectations, so if there are points or details that I am not talking about in my reviews I would love for you to give me a heads up and I will try my best to watch for them and include them in my write ups.

These Siwy Alexa Short in Love Song is the perfect transition short. Even though I am not the pattern/details kind of gal, I can say these definitely make up for the last pair of Siwys I wore. I can picture these as the perfect festival short, not to even mention the name. The wool detail on the pockets is boho enough that they would totally fit in but it also creates perfect opportunity for fun styling. And there is a lot more detail here, the frayed bottom of the leg and the zippers on the sides which don’t go all the way up, but I would actually be curious to see if anyone would wear them open. I wish I could have seen the same detail around the bend as well, the only thing you can see here is the Siwy logo on the back pockets but surprisingly that doesn’t distract from the overall effect. I am still struggling with the sizing on the Siwy shorts, not the full length jeans for some reason, though I have only reviewed one pair of those. This is a size 26 and I could easily have fit into the 25. Which is actually something I can appreciate (and what girl can’t) though it makes it hard to shop for them online. Made with Love in America, these Siwy shorts get my full approval.

The Siwy Alexa Denim Short in Love Song reviewed here is available online from Singer22.

Ania Style - Siwy Alexa Denim Shorts IMG_0944.JPG

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  1. I love it I was looking whole web for that minishorts details thank you for wearing it and for your help

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