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So I have heard of this reversible denim, which definitely sprung my curiosity. My mind goes automatically to, how do they develop that wash? They must eliminate pocket bags, how does the zipper function, how is the hand feel? After being in the denim industry for years it’s so hard not to question all these things off the bat. Luckily for me I got to get a personal tour and pick the brains of a wonderful PR company that represents Bleulab. So for me I can definitely be skeptical of these new lines. But to my surprise I was definitely taken back. I believe they thought of every aspect for the customer.

They are debuting their first season and they definitely stand out as a force to be reckoned with. They have all sorts of bright fashion colors and it’s so fun to be able to almost fit them to your mood. You want a fun red color at night or a nice grey for the day you can switch it up. And for the holiday season they are doing animal prints, like leopard prints, and snake skin prints. Denim is already pretty expensive, and it’s tough to commit to a bold print or statement piece, which is another reason why this line is so great. That you can splurge for the funky prints, but at the same time have a nice classic pair of jeans for everyday wear. They also do have your basics like classic leggings and bootcuts, and as a bonus carry reversible hoodies as well.

The prices are definitely reasonable and since you get more bang for your buck completely worth it! I see why these happen to be a fave of Khloe Khardashian as well! You’ve got nothing to lose, get out and try a pair!

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