Having lived in Brazil, and specifically in Rio de Janeiro, for many years, I can tell you that the Brazilian women are the most body-conscious and vain people I have ever met. They do not spare themselves, they work out like there is no tomorrow, they are constantly dieting and always on the lookout for the newest fad in diet, exercise and beauty. So when I received these Brazilian jeans, made in the USA, in the ENK gift bag, I KNEW they were going to be perfect. The Beija-Flor people had never seen me, never knew anything about me and I received a size 6 AND THEY FIT PERFECTLY! I couldn’t believe it, even though I was betting on this before I tried them on. I am going to get their lookbook, but for now, here is some info about this amazing brand which promises the perfect fit (don’t they all?) AND delivers (most of them don’t!!)