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Hey girls, this is a very special review for you… of an amazing denim dress!! You have probably seen on of my outfit posts on my blog THEFASHIONGUITAR with me wearing a similar dress in leather. However, this denim version is the perfect summer pick. It’s airy, comfortable, and yet very sexy!

The brand is called Charley 5.0 and is very serious about taking denim fashion to the next level. Their collection ranges from skinny jeans, denim jumpsuits, and quirky shorts, to amazing denim dresses.

This Charley 5.0 Don’t Cross Me Dress in India Ink I’m wearing is dark grey or washed black. It has seams all over the front of the dress, which gives a sexy detail. The back is smooth, and a good thing is that there is no zipper to distract you. The zipper is nicely covered-up on the side of the dress. The formed cups in the dress make it easy to wear it without a bra (of course depending on the size of your boobs, and whether you are comfortable wearing no bra). I didn’t wear one, and it wasn’t uncomfortable at all, because the sticky strips inside make the dress stay where it should be!

Another good thing, which can be a challenge to find in the UK, is the length of the dress. It’s just above the knee, which makes the sexy character of the dress even more acceptable. You can dress it up with high color-blocking heels, and a 60’s sunglasses (as I did) or down with a simple blazer and sandals. I guess a great addition to your wardrobe girls. What are you waiting for!

The Charley 5.0 Don’t Cross Me Dress in India Ink reviewed here is available online from TheRawDenimBar.

Charlotte Style - Charley 5.0 Denim Dress IMG_0095.jpg

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