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Today I am reviewing a pair of Hudson jeans – the style is Baby Bootcut. I haven’t always heard such great things about Hudson jeans but was pleasantly surprised upon trying these as they seem to fit my body shape pretty well. They are a low rise which is what always seems to work well for me, and they have a nice fit to the waistband which is comfortable and flattering.

The main plus point of these jeans has to be the overall comfort. Yes they are a little plain and haven’t got any major ‘wow factor’ to them, but if you are looking for an everyday comfortable and easy jean to wear then these are definitely a real contender. The fabric mix is 98% cotton and 2% elastan meaning they have that soft cotton feel but with some stretch to fit your curves and movements perfectly.

There isn’t really a lot to say about the style of these that cannot be seen through the pictures. They have a slim fitting leg with a small bootcut which is subtle and works well for wearing with heels or with flats. The colour wash is ‘Worthington’ which is perhaps a little dark for my taste but looks really good with a plain white vest top for that casual but chic look.

These are a size 26 and they run very true to size, although there Is an element of stretch to them so if you want them super tight you could probably afford to go down a size and breathe in!!

From what I have seen from Hudson jeans in the past the main plus point seems to be the flattering pockets which are really great for the figure. They seem to help enhance a smaller bottom into a much curvier shape – this was definitely the case for me anyway! All in all these are a great casual and comfortable pair of jeans. Like I said previously they don’t have any particular thrills or features but if you are after a good fitting pair of everyday jeans that will transfer from the summer months to the winter months with ease then these are certainly a style to consider!

The Hudson Baby Bootcut Jeans reviewed here are available online from DonnaIda.

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