G-Star Collaboration With Ryan Gander GSTAR-Ryan Gander.jpg

What would you do if you just bought a brand new pair of Arc pants at G-Star and found that they look like they’re paint-splattered? You’d probably run back to the store to complain that they’re damaged. Well don’t do it. You have gotten one of 30 limited edition pairs of men’s denim being surreptitiously distributed to select G-Star stores and being sold at the regular retail price. These jeans are the creation of conceptual artist Ryan Gander who partnered with G-Star RAW and Wallpaper Magazine on this project. And he may be laughing at you already! Gander says they’re like Willie Wonka’s golden ticket. You won’t find them if you are looking for them. And just so you know that their intentions are honorable here, one pair of the limited edition pants will be auctioned off on G-Star’s Facebook page and the winning bid will be donated to charity.

Check out their “Making of” video.

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