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You may not have heard too much of Henry & Belle yet, but hopefully soon enough it will be a staple brand in one’s wardrobe. The story behind this brand is like an old school fairy tale where the owner Henry has designed his line and product around his wife Belle, his muse. You don’t hear of many denim brands having such a unique and meaningful story, so it’s quite refreshing.

Regardless of the background of this company the denim speaks for itself. I have a pair I’ve been wearing for the last couple weeks that I’m absolutely in love with. The fabric is amazingly soft and conforms perfectly to your body as it contains a lycra that stretches four ways to increase the recovery of the fabric. The designs and washes for Fall seem very classic. They have all your basics available along with some fashion pieces. They have a very clean and sophisticated look, it sort of reminds if maybe J Brand and Raven Denim had a baby. It’s a perfect mix.

I’m excited that I was able to see their Fall collection and now it’s definitely my go-to pair for skinnies…even the rise is higher than most which to me makes these even better, especially if you’re not into the low rise styles anymore. This brand is definitely very classy and with the likes of Emmy Rossum and Anne Hathaway sporting them my point is proven.

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