Jessie LOVES: Siwy Alexa Love Song Shorts 1_1005656_FS_LVSNG_1.JPG

I love Michelle Siwy’s Denim Shorts. This girl knows how to compliment a booty. My favorite shorts known to man – HECK! My FAVORITE piece of denim all time – are my Siwy Madeline Denim Shorts in Lilt. I even confessed it on twitter as seen below.

Well, I am ready to try another pair out; I can not stop fawning over images of these shorts! The Siwy Alexa Denim Shorts in Love Song are simply smashing! They beg for boho styling on the West coast and pumps and slinky tops on the East coast. And I think they will be perfect for my first Fashion’s Night Out!

Jessie LOVES: Siwy Alexa Love Song Shorts Screen shot 2011-08-23 at 1.47.00 PM.jpg