Lisette Loves: Bleulab Reversible Jeans Bleulab-Composite-02.jpg

Once more I can say totally unabashedly that we, at Denimology, kinda “discovered” Bleulab and I love seeing how they are growing and growing and becoming known for their absolutely unique “reversible” jeans idea. Some of you might have already seen their jeans in stores, so you will know what they are like. For those of you who have yet to see and try on your first pair, here are some images to make you understand better, what these jeans are about 🙂

When I got my first pair of Bleulabs, they were blue denim and black – and this was the perfect combo for someone who loves to wear jeans ALL the time. But, unfortunately, there are some occasions where blue jeans are still a no-no. No problem-o. Remember, they’re reversible! So off I dash to a bathroom and out I come with perfectly acceptable black pants. It’s exactly like changing from your flip flops to your high heels but with one advantage: I don’t have to carry anything “extra” in my handbag except my shoes – hey, will somebody please invent reversible shoes 🙂 !?

Lisette Loves: Bleulab Reversible Jeans Bleulab-Composite-01.jpg
Lisette Loves: Bleulab Reversible Jeans Bleulab-Composite-03.jpg
Lisette Loves: Bleulab Reversible Jeans Bleulab-Composite-04.jpg