Strike Gold Jeans For Sale sg_1101_01.jpg

Anyone out there interested in getting their hands on a fantastic pair of nearly new premium Japanese jeans at a great discount? About 2 months ago I bought myself a pair of Strike Gold straight leg jeans (shown above) direct from Japan, in the ensuing weeks I have been on a bit of a health kick and subsequently the jeans no longer fit. In my opinion Strike Gold make the best jeans in the world, there is no one out there to beat them for high quality denim combined with classic yet contemporary cuts. These jeans (which I haven’t worn even once) cost me $320 but I am selling them for $180 plus shipping. The measurements are as follows

Waist: 34
Length: 31/32
Knee: 9
Hem: 9
Front Rise: 9.5
Back Rise: 13

If anyone is interested drop me a line at [email protected].