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Tokyo Five is a contemporary men’s lifestyle brand blending classic American authenticity and Japanese Bushido (Bushido, meaning “Way of the Warrior”, is a Japanese word which is used to describe a uniquely Japanese code of conduct and a way of the samurai life, loosely analogous to the concept of chivalry philosophy). The brand possesses a stoic determination to create apparel that is tough, timeless, and uncompromising, much like the ancient philosophy that drives everything they do. At the same time, each collection is defined by a contemporary point of view that comes through in innovative weaves, unconventional washes, dynamic artwork and modern fits. Okay, fine. But what does Bushido have to do with all those plaid shirts I am seeing here????? Tokyo Five clothing is available for purchase at
Tops retail from $34 – 78 and bottoms $98 – 150. Readers of denimology receive 20% OFF plus free shipping over $50: use code: FALLREDUX

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