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Good news for those of you who have not yet found the perfect fitting jeans for your body type:
7FAM will be hosting a chat on their Facebook page called the Denim Fit Forum. Every Thursday in September from 10AM – 12PM PST (beginning 9/8), you will have the opportunity to pose your most pressing denim fit questions to Jen Garcia from their denim design team. It’s a rare chance for fans to interact directly with a 7 For All Mankind denim designer.

The chat will be hosted on the wall of their Facebook page, and Jen will answer questions in real time. Denim fits are so personal, and even the smallest change in a measurement dramatically alters the way a pair of jeans fits, so they’re hoping this will be a valuable service to their fans and people who are interested in trying out 7 For All Mankind for the first time. A perfect fit is one of the cornerstones of the 7 For All Mankind brand – and one of the things that has defined them for over 10 years – so they take finding the perfect fit seriously!