Agave Denim F/W 2011 Men's Lookbook  Agave1_02072011-00027.jpg

Agave is a brand new to me, but they’ve actually been around for 12 years. Having seen their jeans and cords in person, it’s clear they are executed to perfection, some made with stretch for comfort without losing the authentic denim look or feel. Jeff Shafer, Agave’s designer, uses denim containing elastane; this gives comfort and yet retains shape so no sagging butts for you guys!

Agave pays real attention to the fit and finish of their clothes, be it the jeans or their shirts and sweaters. I definitely would like to see my guy on a date wearing that perfectly tailored denim shirt and a tie as displayed below!

And here is something for the real denim aficionados: The Agave Gold label. Each season, Jeff Shafer offers new limited edition selvage jeans that are numbered and signed. This season’s are the dark 1930’s rinse selvage from Cone White Oak. They have the look but not the feel of raw denim. (I wish they would do that for us women also.)

Agave Denim F/W 2011 Men's Lookbook  Agave-F-11-12.jpg

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