Andrew Buckler F/W 2011 Lookbook Pt 1 AndrewBuckler-M-F11-30.jpg

Andrew Buckler is a menswear line which combines the roguish American icon with a Brit edge. Designer Andrew Buckler “disregards the universal monotony which plagues menswear – yes write this in CAPITAL LETTERS, avoiding uniformity by superimposing eccentric undertones with classic silhouettes.” You can clearly see what I mean by eccentric undertones and classic, when you check out those yellow pants- edgy – (below), and see how they can be combined with a British-style mac – classic, or maybe a black double-breasted jacket the possibilities are endless and the effect is controversial and here you go – out to impress!

Andrew Buckler F/W 2011 Lookbook Pt 1 AndrewBuckler-M-F11-26.jpg
Andrew Buckler F/W 2011 Lookbook Pt 1 AndrewBuckler-M-F11-27.jpg

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