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If you had asked me what were the most popular style of jeans sold on eBay I would have guess skinny, but guess what, according to a report published this week the bootcut is by far the most in demand jeans. This year 3 million pairs of jeans have been sold on eBay and of those 793K were bootcut, almost 3 times the number of the 2nd place style – straight_leg, which sold 215K. Skinny actually came in 3rd with 214K. Here’s the Top 10 Best Selling Denim Styles of 2011.

    1) Bootcut
    2) Straight-Leg
    3) Skinny
    4) Flare
    5) Low-Rise
    6) Relaxed
    7) Cropped
    8) Boyfriend
    9) Wide-Leg
    10) Legging/Jegging