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Hi Everybody! I am very excited to be back again here with another review. I reviewed couple other ones here and here if you want to see them. Today I will talk about some jeans that I fell in love with, literally at first sight! Out of all of the denim I have reviewed, I love these Siwy Anita jeans in Spirited the most by far.

First of all, let me tell you why I love them so much. I often like to wear the comfy bohemian style clothes ( you can see few of them in my blog if you like). In my opinion, it really suits to Southern California weather and lifestyle. I own many flare pants, and I just pair them with a basic loose top or knit (as in this case, I paired with this loose knit) and a comfy heels. You are good-to-go wearing the boho-chic style mostly anywhere, besides maybe somewhere that is really formal. I have tried and wore many different types of flare pants, and believe it or not, it is really difficult to find the right looking bell bottoms. In my opinion, these are the perfect ones.

Here is why I think they are the perfect flare pants.

The bottom parts of the jeans are only wide from the side. I think this is one of the most important features of the flares. When they look too wide from front and back, it makes you look bigger than usual.

The fit is perfect, very tight (but still comfortable) on the top, wide enough on the bottom. The color is just right, a little washed denim color which will go with anything.

Last thing, for someone who is just a regular height 5′ 7″ like me, these jeans fit a little long, so you need to wear them with heels or have them altered. However, if you ask me, they definitely look much better with heels than flats.

The Siwy Anita flare jeans in Spirited are available online from BlueHeavenBoutique.

Buget Style - Siwy Anita Flared Jeans DSC_0004.JPG

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