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This week I attended the Charley 5.0 viewing party at their offices in New York. They had models on board to show the clothing and held a rooftop party to celebrate their collection. Now lets get down to really exciting part. The new feel for their already successful clothing line!

I would hand my entire wardrobe over to Stacy and Clinton in exchange for this new collection in my closet. Yes it is THAT gobsmackingly gorgeous. It feels so high end, so classy. The pantsuits demand to worn through the Miami nightlife. While the simple denim slip dresses could blend in on the runway through a Chloe show. The light weight, flowing shirts demanded a trip to Ibiza; they need to be worn. You could wear this Spring/Summer collection on both coasts. In this collection there is literally something for everyone and everything in this line is for me!

Charley 5.0 Lookbook + A New Feel! -15.jpg

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