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Hey Everyone! Hope you are all doing well this week. I am back with yet another review of Sass and Bide denim – these ones are the Once I Was (petrol) jeans. The last pair I reviewed I didn’t really like but the pair I am reviewing today I absolutely adore!

The fit of the jeans is really important to me I like my jeans to hug at all the right places and these certainly do. They are a classic skinny jean with a low waist but they have quite a bit of stretch in them to you can pull them up a little, which is what I did.

I love the wash of these, kind of like a washed out dark grey. I like that they look like they have been worn out it gives them a slight vintage feel. They are also really soft and you can easily wear these all day and night and feel super comfortable.

I decided to pair them with my classic ankle boots and a denim shirt with the shoulders cut out. I love denim on denim; I don’t think I will get sick of it any time soon. You can pretty much pair these babies up with anything you like no matter what your style is.
I highly recommend these to everyone who loves a classic skinny fit.

I think I’m going to go do a little bit of working out now and change into something a little less fashionable.

Have a fabulous week guys!

The Dajana Style - Sass & Bide Once I Was Jeans DSC_0100.jpg

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