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On the TopShop blog we saw a little picture they snapped of Bill Cunningham riding his little bicycle from show to show.

“Oh we can’t help but sigh and smile at the sight of legendary photographer Bill Cunningham riding from show to show at New York Fashion Week.”

They have every reason to smile too! We got to meet the lovely Mr. Cunningham as we left in the elevator from the Zero + Maria Cornejo SS12 RTW show at Milk. I don’t know how he knew but we were both pondering the same question… one of the models had a tattoo of a lily (we thought) and was it real. It was perfectly visible through the design of one of the models dresses.

What a joy it was to talk to him. He was not full of himself like SO many people in the fashion industry are. He walked right up to me and carried a conversation with me. Regardless of the fact my voice was non-existent (Someone blessed me when I tried to talk during the show…. I suppose I sounded like a sneeze?). His camera is so sweet. It does not have a huge lense, nor did it run him oodles of cheddar, but it’s sufficient and oh how he makes it work.

As a child I would look at his pictures in the New York Times and dream of just one day visiting New York City and maybe seeing a fashion show. My life has come so far. Maybe one day I will share my Jerry Springer life story…. but today I will just share this amazing milestone in my life. The man that first brought me fashion, struck up a conversation with me in the Milk Studios Lift.

After sharing that story, I should probably show a little appreciation. I could not have had that moment without people having faith in me and helping open fashionable doors. I am grateful for all the opportunities I have been afforded by Jennine by way of IFB and Milk Studios. But mostly, I am so thankful for the outlet I am provided courtesy of my boss and Denimology owner, Andy.

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  1. That is a nice place to a happy and quiet life. You can get the modern and countryside feelings at the same time.

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